How to change god of war graphics settings for PlayStation 4 Pro

God of war

God of War is compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro and the game offers the option of either promoting resolution or framerate. Switching between the two is easy enough if you know where to look. The option is hidden behind some menu screens in the game.

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To change between resolution and frame rate, you must press the Options button. This will bring up the main menu with things like map, weapons, armour, skills, etc. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an icon for the options next to the Triangle button. Press Triangle, which will bring up another smaller menu. From here you can tabulate the settings. This will open another menu where you have to open the Video tab.

Once in the video menu, you can choose a number of different things to change the graphics settings of the game. You can choose the performance mode or the resolution mode. God of War’s Performance Mode promotes 1080p resolution, whether you’re on a 4K TV or not. If you choose to promote resolution, the game will be returned to 2160p Checkerboard on 4K TVs. For those who are not on a 4K TV, this goes supersample to your TV resolution.

Regardless of whether you have a 4K TV or not, there are sacrifices made when switching to Resolution Mode in God of War. You will drop the framerate for a sharper image and the resolution mode has already been found to work much worse than the Performance mode

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      Apparently playstation pro has better graphics options

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