Is it time for Tekno to move past ‘Pana’?


Is it time for Tekno to move past ‘Pana’? 

Tekno requirements to accelerate by recording and sending in more music. The clock is ticking. We are ticking. The business is ticking.

Don’t you feel that it is the ideal opportunity for new music from Tekno? Don’t you trust that the Nigerian Chris Brown need to approach with some new music?

Hell, it feels like ages since Tekno Miles crushed us with his single ‘Pana’. The melody which was discharged in July 2016, denoted the pinnacle of Tekno’s forces, as the vocalist benefited from the boundless potential in his arms stockpile, to make a record that was both a wonder and a social development.

‘Pana’, delivered by Krizbeatz, entered Africa in a way that no other tune did. From Johannesburg to Harare, the legend and music of Tekno flew, making another African ruler that many rushed to associate with. He won honors from various nations, expanded his fan base, and dropped a subsequent single titled ‘Diana’.

With the advantage of time, nobody would differ that ‘Diana’, didn’t exactly get a similar reaction and acknowledgment that “Pana” delighted in. It lifted off the floor and was circled by the media. Individuals began to look all starry eyed at it, yet it was of a lower stock than its antecedent, and the numbers appeared. Another tune, “Rara” was discharged, yet it was a sleeper hit. Something political for the underground.

In any case, “Pana” was not one yet. The force of the single pulled in Columbia Records, an auxiliary of Sony Music Entertainment, who tossed their weight behind the tune and offered Tekno an arrangement. That arrangement was marked and fixed in January 2017, at their New York workplaces, where Tekno went with name head, Ubi Franklin, and financial specialist Paul Okoye.

Tekno was offered a 3-single arrangement. Columbia records will disseminate “Pana” in the US and different markets. Tekno will record two more singles and the mark will discharge, distribute and disperse. For his inconveniences, he gets a forthright expense, and afterward a concurred rate on deals.

It is that forthright expense that he shouted on Instagram: “4 million dollars”. He lied. Columbia Records didn’t give Tekno $4 million. They won’t surrender him to a million dollars.

Yet, with the arrangement marked, Tekno should work intimately with the A&R officials at Columbia to reproduce the enchantment of ‘Pana’. That is the immense solicit for Tekno, however with that level from ability, he ought to venture up to the plate.

Yet, it has all the earmarks of being taking as much time as necessary. Amongst “Pana” and today, various hit sogs have consigned his sparkle. Runtown has cornered the market with ‘Distraught Over You’, Wizkid is pushing limits with ‘Daddy Yo’, and Davido has another hit tune titled ‘If’.

Tekno necessities to come through with new music, and get back in the blend with something slamming. In any case, it will take a while. The way toward discharging under a noteworthy mark is mind boggling and takes excessively time. At each level of the procedure, administrators and top shots should support and approve it. On the off chance that the tune scales through the procedures, then a discharge date will be concurred, and a take off arrangement formulated.

These requires some investment. Furthermore, the fans can’t hold up for eternity. Tekno necessities to accelerate that procedure, by recording and sending in more music. The clock is ticking. We are ticking. The business is ticking.

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