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PlayStation 4 overhaul 5.50 brings system wide supersampling

PlayStation 4 pro

PlayStation 4 overhaul 5.50

A few Playstation 4 owners have begun accepting their solicitations to download and attempt the beta variant of PlayStation 4 firmware version 5.50. The beta just began to take off to select users everywhere throughout the world, thus we’ve been sitting tight restlessly for pictures and impressions to pour in from the web. Regardless we don’t know everything new in refresh 5.50, however, one of the greatest new highlights that have been revealed is system-wide supersampling .

This has been a long asked for an update from Playstation 4 Pro owners, and will be one of the greatest sellingpoints of this new framework update; heck, it will be a major selling point for the PS4 Pro going ahead.

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So what is supersampling, and why are so many individuals so amped up for it?

So here’s straightforward adaptation. In the event that you have a PS4 Pro, at that p, int, you have an intense support equipped for rendering games at 1440p or more. A few games can render at a native 4K utilizing the Pro. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that you don’t possess a 4K television. For those of you utilizing a 1080p tv, supersampling will enable you to receive the rewards of the PS4 Pro’s additional torque. The console will render the game at the higher resolution, say 1440p, and show it on your 1080p tv. The outcome will be a sensational lessening in associating, or “jaggies,” and a much smoother picture generally speaking. It just makes things sharp, and it looks extremely pleasant.

Obviously, just games that support Playstation 4 Pro graphics options will have the capacity to exploit the supersampling, and that rundown is as yet developing. Tragically there are as yet numerous system exclusives that don’t have a Pro fix (we’re taking a gander at you Bloodborne), so don’t expect each amusement you claim to abruptly begin looking significantly more honed and running all the more easily.

Despite everything, we’re holding up to hear more about what refresh 5.50 has in store for us. we should have an official change-log from Sony soon.

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PlayStation 4 overhaul 5.50
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