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‘Return to Ivalice’ Raid Announced for Final Fantasy XIV

Final fantasy xiv
The popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV continues conveying new substance for its user’s in each update, but one of the forthcoming additions in the Patch 4.1 may be substantially more intriguing than normal.

It’s been uncovered that the huge multiplayer RPG will hold the hotly anticipated return of Final Fantasy Tactics maker Yasumi Matsuno to the world of Ivalice, as the producer has been revealed as the writer of a new alliance raid that will be set in the city of Rabanastre. Matsuno coordinated amazing RPGs, for example, the Tactics spin offs, Vagrant Story, and the as of late remastered Final Fantasy XII, and the fans have been yearning for another RPG venture from him for quite a long time. 

The attack is suitably named Return to Ivalice, and it implies presenting the Royal City of Rabanastre, and in addition the Kingdom of Dalmasca inside the universe of Eorzea. As per the makers these areas will be found close to Othard. Rabanastre will be presented as an amazing spot, starting point of stories about peasants getting to be heroes, taking inspiration in the Camelot of the legend of King Arthur. Matsuno will be responsible for composing the scenario, which will utilize the freedom of freedom of Doma and Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire as story setting. After those occasions, the number of inhabitants in Othard and Dalmasca begins to ascend in rebellion to the Empire, which is a fundamentally the same as situation to the stories from Ivalice that Matsuno is utilized to compose. Supervisors will be planned by Keita Amemiya, while the gameplay will be created by the customary FFXIV group.

It is not clear how precisely the new situation fits into Matsuno’s prior manifestations, as the craftsmanship includes the characters of Ramza and Delita, from the first Final Fantasy Tactics, yet the areas that have been said so far have a place with Final Fantasy XII. It appears like the segment of Ivalice presented in Eorzea will go about as a kind of theme park of Ivalice, and it is said to be made by long-term enthusiasts of the games.

The Return to Ivalice raid will be incorporated into the up and coming The Legend Returns Patch 4.1 propelling in October, despite the fact that the makers said that wrapping everything up might take them “into Patch 4.6 or 4.7.”

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