Runtown is currently winning with “Mad Over You” clearing crosswise over Nigeria


Runtown is currently winning with “Mad Over You” clearing crosswise over Nigeria 

Runtown is fleeing with 2017, and it’s all due to his new single.

Runtown is at present winning in 2017, and it’s all on account of his most recent single ‘Distraught Over You’.

From Port Harcourt to Zaria, the artist’s tune is top of the load for the New Year, with turn of 2017 bringing it new entrance and fans. The video has picked up reportage over the world, and online networking has tossed its acknowledgment, with everybody finding new positive twists to give the tune.

On radio it is prime time and surge hour material. You need to win a worker’s heart? Turn ‘Mad Over you’, you need him to love you forever, make sure to rehash it. At this moment the tune can’t be blamed under any circumstance and there’s just as much as it can fly.

This a gigantic complexity to his 2016 which was overwhelmed by turbulence in his private concern and circumstance with his record mark.

The EricMany Entertainment vocalist has had an extremely turbulent year. In the wake of discovering adoration in the Caribbean, and pursuing new sounds, he was dragged to court by his record mark. The fight to secure a typical balance by the record mark seethed from Lagos courts to the news, and down to the US legitimate framework.

At last, a détente was called, and an understanding was come to. Runtown and his record name have set up new guidelines of engagement, and we can all push ahead, safe in the learning that Runtown can center his vitality around the creation and conveyance of new music.

Runtown who got through in 2014, has provided Nigeria with a string of hit tunes which has pushed him through, to various parts of the mainland. That is the reason he has a collection – “Ghetto University”- which dropped in 2015 to bond his position.

Be that as it may, since the arrival of singles from the collection, no new music has gone from Runtown’s lips to our playlists. That is the reason this new discharge is groundbreaking.

‘Frantic Over You’ is a stick. An adoration themed melody, Runtown dunks into an agreeable subject to create an awesome tune. Self-delivered, the new single draws motivation from the Ghanaian “Alkayida” sound which is revised and repurposed for this venture

It’s an excellent generation, this one, and Runtown outfits the majority of his forces for this. It’s a mid-beat tune which can drift through you at first, yet in the long run develops and envelopes you with its synths, smooth drum examples and that’s just the beginning. For the dancefloor, the relativity of the single will be a most loved for pivot, and maybe that is the thing that the vocalist went for.

Runtown had a significant little window in 2016 to push this through, and create the mass acknowledgment that it should be a hit. Yet, he needn’t try to push exorbitantly. This venture as of now has every one of the makings of a hit and in 2017 he is right now getting a charge out of it.

On Youtube the video has amassed more than 2.5 million streams, and as of late has made the main 50 on Billboard Twitter Tracks.

Right now at number 38 on the rundown, ‘Mad over you’ is an ensured hit and will remain so for some time to come.

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