There’s a sure braveness to Mr Eazi who claimed 2016

Mr Eazi

There’s a sure braveness to Mr Eazi who claimed 2016 

Just brave men can do what he has done. Just the brave get compensated in the way he has been.

Mr Eazi and courage once in a while do look like bedmates. Thin, practically slight looking, the vocalist possesses a stature that societal customary way of thinking will never relate to fortitude.

Yet, he is overcome. A man who took his risk to sparkle with both turns in 2016, battling against VIP power and adhering to a sound that has gotten through and turned into a layout for mid-rhythm music in Nigeria is overcome.

Before the general acknowledgment of ‘Skin tight’, who might have gone down the method for Mr Eazi in pursuing acknowledgment in a nation where numerous gifts pass on without satisfaction, nor festivity? Before 2016, the general information among industry experts has it that tunes must be of a specific configuration and creation to end up distinctly famous.

‘Increase the speed (BPM), include substantial strong beats, autotune the damnation out of it”, numerous specialists told new artistes, and gave them trust.

Yet, Mr Eazi, rejected the opportunity to go down that course. He buckled down, comprehended the influx of progress that has had audience members pining for new material and adhered to his sound. They got it, Mr Eazi got it, and now everybody commends him.

In any case, his introduction individual show in Lagos was a show of boldness. The show happened with almost no by method for feature sponsorship. Various brands indicated interests yet didn’t finish, leaving income era to ticketing and the few who honored.

At that point there was the opposition for spots. ‘Life Is Eazi’ show hung on a night when the situation was anything but favorable for him. On paper, things searched somewhat troublesome for him. His occasion was hanging on a stuffed night, when the compelling Davido was adjusting off Industry Nite show a couple of kilometers away, BET grant winning hotshot, Black Coffee was playing a set at an adjacent gathering, and on the Lagos Mainland, Mavin Records were tossing their quality behind their productive child, Reekado Banks at his ‘Thank You’ show holding at the famous New Afrika Shrine.

In any case, what a show it was regarding numbers. Mr Eazi’s 2,500 limit lobby was full and flooding with visitors. Show goers, contained prevalently of young people and well informed children who are on vacation, poured in their numbers and the setting flooded. Security needed to initiate swarm control to counteract packing the scene.

Mr Eazi’s 2016 has seen him take risks all through. The greater part of his dangers have paid off, and now he is ready to end the year on a high, after the experience of facilitating his own particular show worked out well.

Just brave men can do what he has done. Just the brave get remunerated in the way he has been. In 2016, Life turned out to be simple for Mr Eazi.

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