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What You Need To Know About Jumia Market Affiliate Program And How To Join

kaymu is now jumia market

Well am sure you know Kaymu Market is now Jumia Market with more innovative and exceptional services, if not let me enlighten you a little.

Kaymu, now Jumia Market is one of Africa’s biggest social marketplace and provides superior customer experience,low commission rates and large assortment.

The re branding comes after four years of their great achievement’s in the African market, the African Internet Group has announced the joining together of all its businesses under one name called Jumia group.

According to them this transformation in no way affects the services Kaymu has always been known for.

Recently, Jumia Market relaunched an affiliate program that does not only pay affiliates for driving sales but also pays for referring an affiliate, Asides from this you will earn 500 Naira instantly when you sign up and your application is approved.

This means its either your paid by;

  • Signing up for Jumia Market affiliate program 
  • Referring someone to buy from Jumia Market through your unique affiliate link and buys 
  • Referring anyone to Jumia Market affiliate program and he/she is approved 

Your not only enjoying those benefit’s you also get

  • A flat commission of  N700 per product when you sell through your affiliate link irrespective of the price of the item sold.
  • N1500 per transaction the following week,if you get more 100 valid sales in the previous week.
  • That’s cool right, right now am very sure you are thinking of how much is the minimum payout of Jumia Market, well the minimum payout of Jumia Market used to be N5000 but it has been reduced to N3000 to enable more young bloggers to make money online in Nigeria.

Why join Jumia Market

According to Jumia Market,

“we strive to empower budding online marketers, bloggers and digital marketers with tools to enable them make profits from their existing online businesses. If you want to become a seasoned affiliate marketer, joining the Jumia Market affiliate program will accelerate the process. On Jumia Market, to get paid, you will promote our products and earn on every successful transaction.”

Now lets get to the Important part which is how to sign up.

That’s very easy just go to Jumia Market affiliate page here, when you do that the application form will be open to you, now what you should do next is to fill in the form correctly and click on the  sign up button and wait to be approved

If approved you will get a confirmation email from Jumia Market with your account information and how change your password.

Thereafter you can now log in to your account and have access to your dashboard, The dashboard features a lot such as

Deep link generator which allows you create your unique link to promote any product of Jumia Market to your visitor’s and followers via promotion tab on the affiliate dashboard.

jumia market dashboard

The dashboard also features Sub-affiliate link which allows you to recruit affiliates and by doing this you N300 per affiliate you refer, cool right ?

Now am very sure you would like to know how, well that’s very simple, to do this navigate to “Promotion’ > “Advanced Tools” > ‘Sign Up Sub-affiliates” after you signed in to your affiliate account.

jumia market dashboard

Copy, shorten it and start promoting it on your blog and your social media channels.

It should look similar to the url below :

NB: Sub-affiliate link is different from your unique general affiliate link and your sub-affiliates must own a site.

And you can easily get the codes of the banners & links for your promotions via the ‘Promotion’ tab on the affiliate dashboard etc.

How to sign in to your Jumia Market affiliate program dashbord

Open your browser and type in or you can click here to sign in to your affiliate dashboard.

If you have joined the Kaymu affiliate program, kindly share your experience via comment box if not you can click here to join now.

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UPDATE: Jumia market (Kaymu) affiliate program no longer give payments when you refer an affiliate to the program, they only pay when you drive sales to their website now. 

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  • Reply
    xhisto whalle
    August 27, 2016 at 01:44

    its cool you can use it to make good money which is ok

    commented by

  • Reply
    August 27, 2016 at 12:38

    This is a welcome development

  • Reply
    September 15, 2016 at 11:45

    JUMIA Kaymu Affiliate Program is a SCAM. Bonuses/commissions not given for referrals. Pls Beware. Dont waste your time..

  • Reply
    Ay Danzee
    September 15, 2016 at 11:48

    Yeah….all bonuses for referral has been stopped they only pay for sales you drive to them now….thanks for telling other's about the new system.

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