Why “Chemistry” EP is the most astute music business move of 2016


Falz and Simi have the enthusiastic wave on their side, and they have put out an item that will produce cash.

After their collaborate in ‘Jamb question’ remix and ‘Soldier’, the fans have been everywhere throughout the match, longing for more than only a tune cooperation between the two talented acts, having seen their science on screen.

Setting off this was what birthed the “Chemistry” EP.

The match have both taken a shot at Simi’s ‘Jamb question’ and Falz’s “Soldier” including Simi which was a turn off to ‘Jamb question’. These melodies which were generally welcomed shaped the motivation for this venture.

“Falz and I do have great chemistry, it is music chemistry, we get along great, we are actually really close friends, so I guess it also helps when we make music”.

the vocalist said in a interview.

Falz and Simi are making the most of their minute in the sun at this moment.

The pair have done what each savvy specialist in Nigeria should do: gain by the very assumptions of the general population to make an item that can be sold for esteem.

Falz and Simi have commoditized their affection by discharging the “Chemistry” EP, and the nation has gone wild.

Be that as it ma Falz and Simi got their music through to the state in under 48 hours. They didn’t need to depend on an all around oiled advancement hardware. They rode on the force of their supposition to control through with this venture.

The team who have worked together to shocking impact, have needed to manage bits of gossip from the squeeze, which assert that the music flying creatures have made their joint effort a stride assist and get to be significant others, with screen-love converting into genuine love. On each corner they have been bothered with inquiries from correspondents, sniffing for the scoop of their affection life.

While numerous needed affirmation of what might be a tall tale sentiment, a superstar relationship, birthed in the studio. One whose flares were fanned by the press and made reality by the weights and wishes of the fans. Falz, Simi, and the forces behind them saw this need as an open door, and found an approach to create esteem both for people in general and themselves.

People in general needed a greater amount of ‘Falz and Simi’, the record marks needed cash. Wedding Falz and Simi to profit obliged them to think along the lines of business, and voila! They struck upon the possibility of the “Science” EP. Falz and Simi would sing more melodies about affection and every one of the phases of the relationship. They would utilize the assumptions as a driving device for deals, and market the work to the different closures of the earth.

Initially they entitled the venture with the word that depicts what the fans say they had: Chemistry. Falz and Simi had science in plenitude. What made Falz and Simi create this science is love. Simi communicates a shortsighted and honest form of it, joining that with her great young lady pretty picture. Falz is the excited, enthused man, scanning for a bond which escapes him every step of the way.

Their find the stowaway made numerous a man lovesick, as it struck a crucial nerve inside Nigerians. Love is an excellent feeling, and the scan for it, in its most genuine and flawless frame, resounds all through humankind. Relativity, personalization, relationship and causation, all became possibly the most important factor, and Nigerians clamored for increasingly that screen-medicate. They were snared from the begin.

Furthermore, here’s the place it gets exceptionally intriguing: “Chemistry” was advertised by having Falz and Simi experience one of the best pre-wedding photoshoots recording every one of the phases of their adoration. Eminent picture taker, TCD, was contracted, and he went ahead to catch the pith of that sentiment in funny, senseless, delightful and engaging photographs.

These photographs which flowed like out of control fire crosswise over web-based social networking, started all the more longing for the team to report their relationship. Were Falz and Simi embraced, the fans ‘ohhed’. Where they envisioned sharing a bike, you could hear the aggregate “Aww” that got away from general society.

And after that there was the “Chemistry” EP. Loaded with affection tunes to fuel this, Falz and Simi furnished the general population with a venture to check time, and fulfill the desires of people in general. Any sales representative deserving at least some respect will let you know that feeling is the greatest device to drive any business. That is the reason the greatest brands use it to rake in huge profits.

Falz and Simi have the passionate wave on their side, and they have put out an item that will produce cash. That is brilliant. Actually, it’s the sharpest music business move of 2016 in this way, and will stand out forever as a masterstroke. “Chemistry” EP is an item motivated by overpowering interest, and there is most likely it would cruise through. It as of now has a market.

If you still don’t like any of the tracks from Falz and Simi “Chemistry” EP you can begin with these 3 tracks off the “Chemistry” EP to attract you

Albeit every one of the 7 tracks are fair, ‘Show you pepper’, “Foreign” and “Chemistry” ought to set the pace for you on the EP.

The 7-track EP demonstrates the amount they are tuned in to each other musically.

Beat Music has listened precisely to each of the seven tracks, and thinks these three would attract you to the universe of Falz and Simi as the combine with certain “Science”.


This is a definitive love tune that would persuade any doubter that the science amongst Falz and Simi is genuine, and there very well might be something there for genuine like the combine both need to think as indicated by their contemplations in the melody.


This first track on the EP is the run of the mill Falz in his comic component and Simi in her self-arrogant form. The melody radiates that vibe with a fun loving up-beat sweet feel.

‘Show you pepper’

This is instance of adoration turned sour as the match don’t see eye to eye on this one, which sees them showcasing the practical part of a circumstance where partners have a drop out, and basically not having the best of connections right now.

The “Chemistry” EP is a champ in each feeling of it.

Get it on Apple Music.

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    Adebayo Taiwo
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    So are they even dating or what sef

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    They are the only one who knows

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